Murder on the Train

Everyone loves a good story.  Sitting there at the edge of your seat waiting for the next event to happen, soaking up all of the detail intent on not missing a single clue.  This is the adventure you can have while enjoying a pinellas county florida theater train.  On the train you will experience live entertainment, a five course meal and have the opportunity to solve a mystery.  If you feel up to the challenge here are some tips that can put you ahead of everyone else.

Look at Everything

When it comes to dinner theater clues are all around you.  A stranger you haven’t seen walking down the aisle, a piece of jewelry, an odd word or phrase or even the positioning of the food on you plate.  When it comes to mysteries, stories and live events no detail is overlooked and nothing is insignificant.

Everyone is a suspect

When trying to figure out who did it keep in mind that everyone is a suspect.  A theater train offers a wide variety of different murder mysteries for their guests.  With each show having to be different in one way or another thinking you know who done it won’t win you the prize.

Have fun

pinellas county florida theater train

When taking these dinner theater adventures the goal is to have fun.  Interact with the cast and crew as you seek clues.  Listen in on conversations and pick up lies, truths and decipher hidden meanings.  At the end of the night the truth will be revealed so don’t fret if you didn’t figure it out.

Go Back Often

If you had a great experience the first time go back again.  Talk to the coordinators of the theater train and see how often they rotate their shows.  This way you will have a different experience and a chance to find out who done it.

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