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Preparing Yourself For A Day At Sea

Fishing is a great pastime many that live near the water enjoy on a regular basis.  When we are on the open water we are away from the stresses of the world and can really become one with nature.  One of the ways that we can really enjoy the water and maybe catch the big one, is to go on a large saltwater fishing charter jacksonville fl with several friends.

large saltwater fishing charter jacksonville fl

When going on a trip or an adventure anywhere, be it on sea, land or in the air there is no possible way to pack everything you could possibly need.  This is why sticking to the basics should get you started.

Food & Drink

When you are out at sea there probably won't be a grill or kitchen on board.  In some situations if the ship is large enough there might be a snack bar where you can get chips and soda, but don't count on it.  When planning a day at sea make sure to take plenty to eat and drink. Stock up on water mainly.  Drinking beer, soda and other liquids may result in dehydration and result in nausea.


When on the open water the sun will reflect on the surface of the water like a mirror.  Make sure you pack sunscreen and wear it to avoid burns.


Hats are a great thing as well.  When on the water the sun will be beating down on your head first.  Covering your head with a hat will protect your head, face, and neck.  Make sure to keep it on and wear a large enough one to be of use.

Polarized Sunglasses

Sunglasses are needed as well. The reflection on the water will start playing havoc with your eyes.  Protect them.

Rubber Sole Deck Shoes

Wearing sandals and flip flops might sound like a good idea but trust me there not.  Wearing the proper footwear will keep you safe on the boat.  Most boats are made out of wood.  When wood gets wet it gets slippery.  Avoid going for a swim.